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 9.30am to 9.50am


Welcome to the Wonder of Golden Egg with  Imogen Cooper, Founder/Director Golden Egg Academy

10am to 11am

Inside Story:
The Times Chicken House Competition
with Barry Cunningham, Founder/Director Chicken House Publishing, and previous winners Nikki Thornton and Jasbinder Bilan

Going Global: Why Foreign Rights Matter
with Sophie Clarke, Daniela Schlingmann Literary Scouting and  Elinor Bagenal, Chicken House.

Marketing & Publicity: The Same But Different
with Hannah Love Senior Publicity Manager at Scholastic UK and Sarah Lough Marketing Manager at Faber

11.15am to 12.15pm

Goal Setting Workshop
with holistic life coach, Ashleigh Hambling

Things We Wish We’d Known
with authors Holly Rivers, Morag Hood and Kate Mallinder

The Importance of Community
GEA & SCBWI representatives Annaliese Avery, Debbie Edwards and Catherine Whitmore

1pm to 2pm

How to Bag an Agent
with Ben Illis of the BIA, and writer, Jane Martin

Editors - What Do They Do?
With Yasmin Morrissey and Clare Whitston.

Creating Exciting Series Concepts
with GEA editors, Jane Harris and Kathy Webb

2.15pm to 3.15pm

Inclusive Minds - Experts by Experience
Inclusion Ambassadors share how they help book creators get it right

Building a #NeuroNinja Writer
with Andrew Wright, Founder of Action Your Potential

What’s So Special About GEA Mentoring?
With GEA Founder, Imogen Cooper; editor, Hayley Fairhead; and writer, Andrew Guile

3.30pm to 4.30pm

When Your Book Gets a Voice
with author, James Nicol and actress, Elizabeth Knowelden

Seven Stories
Something to Smile About! - How children's books can help us through the pandemic
with John Beattie Business Development Manager

Writing Great Beginnings
with GEA editor, Matilda Johnson

4.35pm to 5pm


Thinking Like an Editor with Imogen Cooper  Imogen Cooper, Founder/Director Golden Egg Academy

9.30am to 9.50am


Why be a Children’s Writer?  with  Imogen Cooper, Founder/Director Golden Egg Academy

10am to 11am

Inside Story:
Undiscovered Voices
with Sara Grant, K L Kettle and Simon James Green

The Importance of Social Media
with Candy Gourlay and Kathryn Evans

Book Illustration of the Day
with James Mayhew

11.15am to 12.15pm

The Author/Agent Relationship
with Helen Boyle of Pickled Ink and author, Dominique Valente

Does Size Matter? - Publishers’ Panel
with Bella Pearson, Guppy Press
Emma Matthewson, Picadilly Press
Kirsty Stansfield, Nosy Crow
Chaired by Maurice Lyon

Self-Publishing Know-How
Maz Evans, Camilla Chester and Kate Poels Chaired by Debbie Edwards

1pm to 2pm

Cover Design and Illustration
with Natalie Smillie and Tim Budgen

Raising Your Ceiling Workshop
with life coach, Ashleigh Hambling

5 Tips for Editing Your Manuscript for Success
with  GEA editor, Charlotte Maslen

2.15pm to 3.15pm

From Page to Screen
with Barry Cunningham

Writing and Mental Health Panel
with YA authors Kevin Brooks, Juno Dawson, Holly Bourne and Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Chaired by Jane Martin

Structural, Line, Copy & Proof
The All-Important Skills for Editing
with GEA editor, Nicki Marshall

3.30pm to 4.30pm

A is for Acquisition: A  Simple Guide to the Inner Workings of Publishing
with Louie Stowell

Seven Stories
Glimpses and Ellipses – the human in the archive

with Sarah Lawrance, Joint Chief Executive, and Collection Director

How to Write a Picture Book Q&A
with GEA editors, Tessa Strickland and Jo Collins

4.35pm to 5pm


The Perfect Ending with Imogen Cooper, Founder/Director Golden Egg Academy

Saturday Sunday

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